Johan Lindell

Johan Lindell



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  • Linköping


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About Me

I'm a developer who has loved creating things digitally since the day I realized I could make my own website at the age of 12. Ever since then I've been into development. The first years I did exclusively web development, but my interests and knowledge has expanded since then. I'm now 23 years old, less than a year from my master's degree in computer science and the love for development is still there.

Work Experience

2013-08-01 till 2016-06-30

System administrator at Linköping University

As a system administrator at Linköping University I, and one other student, was in charge of two computer labs with approximately 100 computers. The work involved configuration and maintenance of these computers. All computers where running Windows that was managed via an Active Directory server. We did also maintain a Linux server with web and email services.

2012-04-01 till 2012-07-01

Developer at OnServer360

This job was over the summer of 2012 where I created a platform for tracking customers through webshops and other websites. The platform also made it possible for the user to specify rules that sent emails to the customers based on configurable criterias.

2010-01-01 till 2010-06-01

Teacher at KomTek

I created and taught a programming course for children with another person at KomTek (munipical technical school). The course was organized so that the children received a basic understanding of programming while still having fun in the process. It was fun and instructive to see the children's expression of epiphany when they figured out new things. The same epiphany I experienced when I started programming.


2014-08-15 till 2016-12-31

Linköping University

Master: Programming and Algorithms

2011-08-15 till 2014-06-15

Linköping University

Bachelor: Computer Science

2008-07-01 till 2011-05-30


High School: Computer Science and Science

Open Source

2014-06-01 till Ongoing

Creator and main contributor of JsBarcode

JsBarcode is a barcode generation library written in JavaScript. I'm the creator and main developer of the project. It is currently the most popular barcode generation library (all languages) on GitHub and is used by everything from Turkish bookshops to the Swedish postal service (PostNord).

Volunteer work

2015-02-01 till 2016-04-01

Bartending and Kitchen Work at VilleValla Pub

VilleValla is a student pub open for students at Linköping University. At VilleValla I worked in the bar as well as managing the kitchen. The most valuable lesson I learned while working at VilleValla was how to continue being engaged with the customers while still being under stress.


Web Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a lot of libraries...

Programing languages: Java, C#, Javascript (ECMAScript), SQL, Python, PHP, C/C++, LISP, and more...